During my studying of all things CISCO there was a little gem of a command-set that I am going to share this is the push and pop commands cisco link. What are they what do they do I hear you cry well have you ever been 7 layers deep in cisco configuration and need to […]


Python HTTP.server

Intro (the issue) What is required I need to get a config cloud-config.yml file onto the directory /var/lib/rancher/conf (Rancher OS) on a server which has network access but I don’t have SSH access to SCP the file across why this is how you set up a public SSH key and can do all sorts of […]

Checkpoint Troubleshooting

Common Check Point Commands (CCC)

As I have deployed and operated a checkpoint NGFW for years from the single firewall to multi-node VSX (Virtual System Extension) clusters I have come across a very useful Command Line Interface CLI tool for ease of operation and troubleshooting called Common Check Point Commands (CCC). I have installed this tool in the lab and live […]


Nexus OS

Nexus OS by Cisco look to be OK and is used in a lot of data centers it is different in configuration to the classical Cisco IOS whereby you have to enable features that you what to use, below are the features of a nexus 7K with some of the bigger switches, you can actually […]

Cisco OSFP

Open Shortest Path First OSPF v2 & v3

OSPF is an old 1989 routing protocol but not as old as some of the routing protocols. it is an open standard and like Batman/Joker keeps getting updated/rebooted. It is prolific in data centres usual found alongside Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS being aged out for VXLan overlay network) and Border Gateway Protocol (BGP usually MP-BGP). […]


Time to Train

Like most of my peers, I have a love-hate relationship with training, knowledge is power so I love that but I don’t like exams. with that in mind, it has become time again to get some professional qualification I have chosen Implementing Cisco Data Center Core Technologies (350-601 DCCOR) with the look at getting a […]

Graylog Monitoring

50 shades of Graylog

Graylog a very scalable log collection and log management solution with the ability to deal with over 100,000 messages per second, it has an open-source and an enterprise version so you can get vendor support if needed. Why chose Graylog over Elasticsearch Logstash Kibana (ELK) stack, Loki (from Grafana labs) or Splunk read on Graylog […]



RalphNG Data Centre Infrastructure Manager (DCIM), Asset Management with rack layouts diagram and more. The amount of time I have not had diagrams and have spent my own time or remotely talked someone through trying to find a device in a rack and when it is found having to follow cables to find out how […]

Troubleshooting VoIP

Common VoIP Issues

We are in a time of remote working and the reliance on network sensitive protocols is quite high for example VoIP end-user will call (not using VoIP) to complain that they have odd issues with there calls dropping and quality being bad. Below is a very useful table for troubleshooting the cause to optimise your […]


Grafana Visualisation

Turns time-series databases and more into useful visualisation of that data it empowers you to graph, alert on, and explore data you have collected and supports Prometheus natively. Again with most really good open-source software, the easiest way of getting it up and running is with docker there is an official Grafana built docker image […]