Netdata real-time Monitoring

Netdata is one of the single best pieces of software I have come across when looking to get metrics and monitor devices in realtime.

Picture the scenario system guy says it the network is at fault the network guy says its the server they both point at the storage well with netdata you have realtime data graphed over time easily presented and visualised for consumption

the best way to show-off netdata is to just get it installed and enter the URL:http://X.X.X.X:19999

How to Install


There is a very easy method to install that is fully automatic on most Linux distributions Ubuntu \ Debian \ Fedora \ CentOS.

curl -Ss
# if needed run the 
# it will auto detect and installs the required system packages

Alpine Linux install

# loginto root
su -l

# install required packages
apk add alpine-sdk bash curl libuv-dev zlib-dev util-linux-dev libmnl-dev gcc make git autoconf automake pkgconfig python logrotate

# if you plan to run node.js Netdata plugins
apk add nodejs

# download Netdata - the directory 'netdata' will be created
git clone --depth=100
cd netdata

# build it, install it, start it

# make Netdata start at boot
echo -e "#!/usr/bin/env bash\n/usr/sbin/netdata" >/etc/local.d/netdata.start
chmod 755 /etc/local.d/netdata.start

# make Netdata stop at shutdown
echo -e "#!/usr/bin/env bash\nkillall netdata" >/etc/local.d/netdata.stop
chmod 755 /etc/local.d/netdata.stop

# enable the local service to start automatically
rc-update add local

Windows Install

Not yet I’m sorry to say :disappointed:

Edit the settings

Netdata configuration files are here you can edit settings like port ect remember to restart the service after editing this configuration file:

sudo vi /etc/netdata/netdata.conf

Beyond Netdata

Using Netdata with Prometheus just a quick one you can present all the metrics that netdata is collecting to a Prometheus compatible format to be scraped at any time interval you require. to do this all you need to do is point you Prometheus scraper at a different URL http://X.X.X.X:19999/api/v1/allmetrics

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