Open Source Alternatives

This is and will be a list of enterprise solutions from the usual vendors and the opensource alternatives

Open Source alternatives

SolutiionEnterpise vendoropensource alternativeBlog post links
MonitoringSolarwindsNagios derurivative \ prometheus
L3 routerCisco \ HPE \ huaweiVyos \ Sonic \ openswitch \ FRRouting \ whitebox Dell op switch
L2 switchCiscoopen switch
clasic-FWCisco ASAOPNsence
NGFW \ IPSCisco Firepower \ CheckpointOPNsence with Snort rules running suricata
Syslog \ SIEM \ IDSSplunk \ QradarGraylog \ securityonion \ Zeek (Bro)
Network access control (NAC)Cisco ISEPacket fence
Vulnerability ScannerTenible nessus qualisOpenVAS \ Nmap
Host-based Intrusion Detection Systemcrowdstrike \OSSEC
Type-1, native or bare-metal hypervisorsVmware VsphereKVM \ Xen \ Proxmox \ Openstack
Type-2 or hosted hypervisorsMicrosoft Hyper-V ServerVirtualbox
SDNCisco ACIopenflow
DCIMdevice42Ralph ng \ netbox
Kanban project managementprojectsKanboard