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Q. which Linux distro to use?

A. the one that is fit for purpose.

Fit for purpose

There are so many Linux distros but they all have there uses even Hannah Montana Linux so what is fit for purpose here is a quick list of potential question to help find out

  • Do we have the skill to use \ develop \ operate this OS
  • Do we need or have any support for this OS be it community or active support contracts from a 3rd party
  • Does the OS support the platform we are going to use it on

keeping that in mind we move onto

What Linux Do I Use And Why

Distro NameWhyUsed For
Ubuntularge community a lot of docs are written for this os good allrounderDesktop and Server
Centosit the opensource version of RedHat and enterprise Linux spotted in the wild running on enterprise firewallServer
Redhatwhen you need the support of expertsEnterprise Servers
OpenSusecan run almost anything there is a good community native support for BTFSDesktop and Server
Susejust like above but if you need the support of expertsEnterprise Server
Alpine linuxMinimal os for docker host of my labsLab docker hosts
Core OSNow part of the RedHat (IBM) family uses cloud-config files to help set upEnterprise docker hosts and Kubernetes
Kali LinuxSecurity-based os for playing with pen testing ectSecurity based
Parrot LinuxLike above but has doesn’t run in rootSecurity based
tailshaven’t used in ages but it is interesting to look at now and thenPrivacy OS
Zorin OSIt looks like windows can look like OSX and is basted of ubuntuFor my Dad



Free net devil open dragon doesn’t really matter apart from licensing just be ready to get the books out and do research when it goes wrong, and it will for wizards only


Nope just Nope


They got into the education system when I was growing up 90% of people know how to use and about 70% of people still use it as a daily runner.

Not putting down windows they do get things correct but I have seen Linux or BSD devices with 11-year uptimes, not with windows.


Enterprise Hypervisor

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