Checkpoint Troubleshooting

Common Check Point Commands (CCC)

As I have deployed and operated a checkpoint NGFW for years from the single firewall to multi-node VSX (Virtual System Extension) clusters I have come across a very useful Command Line Interface CLI tool for ease of operation and troubleshooting called Common Check Point Commands (CCC).

I have installed this tool in the lab and live environments DISCLAIMER if I have done it doesn’t mean you should do it there are always considerations when installing any 3rd party tool\application\code on anything now with that out the way lets carry on

who created it this guy… a legend

Why use CCC

Quick answer for ease, longer answer not everyone has the same skills and knowledge, any tool that can make operating and troubleshooting customers firewalls at 3 AM when you are on call and the last man the last escalation point is worth its weight in gold, it also standardises the troubleshooting and outputs you get form your engineers, leading to efficiency as people become more comfortable with trying to resolve the issue (on let’s say devices that haven’t been formally trained on) and the meantime to resolution is reduced for the issue at hand.

Why not use CCC

It is very useful but watch out you are installing and running 3rd party code it runs commands and has the possibility to go very wrong (example 100% CPU on a multi-tenant VSX cluster doesn’t cause you to have one headache but multiple) as long as the person who installed it understands the command about to be run, the impact some of these can cause and document how to use it all is good in the world, it needs to be updated so has an operational overhead.

Get and Install

Two options when installing if your firewall has access to the internet you can grab it directly if it does not download it from Danny Jung website

the installation is from expert mode if you don’t know expert mode STOP find out and start again.

From expert mode run the below command

curl_cli -k | zcat > /usr/bin/ccc && chmod +x /usr/bin/ccc

that’s it now you can run the ccc command it brings up a list that is also is clickable epic thing to do by the way in a CLI session clickable tools are the future

and that is it have fun use this it is really good.

for further information please go here

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